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TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #3 Revealed

The 3rd CF/MV teaser for TVXQ’s comeback has been released. They look so fierce and beast hahahaa! I dislike Yunho’s hair though -.- Advertisements

TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #1 + Infinite’s ‘Before the Dawn’ MV Teaser

TVXQ (HoMin) are making a comeback, and one of three CFs have been revealed. The album is called Keep Your Head Down, and the song here ‘Why’ really reminds me of ‘Are You a Good Girl?’ Their comeback is on January 5th. Just thinking…since their comeback is in January…and JYJ’s is also…then won’t they be … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki + Brown Eyed Girls for Tony Moly CF + BTS/Interview

Actor Song Joong Ki and Brown Eyed Girls have been signed as the new faces of Tony Moly. The latest CF has been revealed, as well as the BTS. I actually came across it randomly…I saw Song Joong Ki’s face and clicked on it LOL HE’S SO CUUUTE!!! CF (60s) ~~omg I fangirled so much … Continue reading

SNSD & 2PM for ‘Cabi Song’ MV/CF + 4Minute ft. BEAST with ‘HuH’ MV + Monday Kiz’s ‘Don’t Go’ MV

MVs that were released while I decided not to post yesterday as I was out lolz. SNSD + 2PM with ‘Cabi Song’ MV/CF ~~this is definately a hot issue…the fanboys drool for the girls and the fangirls drool for the guys ~~how this concept has ANYTHING to do with a family funpark beats me XD … Continue reading

C.N. Blue’s ‘Love’ MV + After School’s ‘Dreams Again’ MV + Jang Geun Suk’s ‘Magic Drag’ MV ft. Sistar

C.N Blue with ‘LOVE’ MV ~~LOVE IT!!! <3 YAAAYZ CN BLUEEEE After School with ‘Dreams Again’ MV ~~out of all the World Cup cheer songs, I like this one the most. AS <3 Jang Geun Seuk ft. Sistar with ‘Magic Drag’ MV/CF ~~Sistar is an upcoming girl group set to debut. This is for the … Continue reading

[100503] Vid Releases w/ 2PM + KARA + T-ara + F.Cuz + U-KISS

2PM with Coca Cola World Cup Promo Vid ~~cute ^^ KARA with ‘We’re With You’ MV ~~it’s ok I guess. not really digging the song. T-ara, F.Cuz and U-KISS under the cut…

SNSD + 2PM for Carribean Bay MV/CF Teaser

SNSD’s Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun and 2PM’s Taecyeon, Nichkhun, and Chansung are endorsers for Everland Carribean Bay. The highly anticipated MV/CF teaser was released today. ERM WTH?! That long beginning…was totally for all the fanboys and girls…they’re all stripping o.o I must say Yuri look gorgeous in the beginning. But then the stripping part came … Continue reading

[100427] MV + Preview w/ SNSD + FT Island + T-ara

For today… SNSD’s MV/CF for LG Cooky ~~the song’s a remake of ‘Micky’. instead, they say ‘Cooky’ ~~sorry but…waaay too much sweetness and cuteness for me to handle. it’s extremo cute. nauseating cute. for me anyway. my friend Chris was just like ‘it’s soo ADORABLE!’ *rolls eyes* F.T Island’s Promo Teaser for ‘Flower Rock’ ~~they’ve … Continue reading

Big Bang Releases ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ MV/CF for Iris

Big Bang has revealed a new song ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ through a CF/MV for IRIS, which will be airing in Japan on TBS. It’s a mid-tempo ballad and sounds good! The song’s going to be on the OST I believe?  Might be wrong…

Ayumi Hamasaki’s ‘Microphone’ MV Released + Honda CF

Ayumi Hamasaki’s newest MV for ‘Microphone’! It’s SUCH a weird MV o.o the song’s not bad though. It’s actually stuck in my head now HAHAHAHAAA! Interesting concept…gothic…and sorta evil LOL Anyway this track’s on her upcoming album Rock’n’Roll Circus, to be released April 14th. The song was also used for the Honda ZEST CF. MV … Continue reading