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[100905] SBS Inkigayo: G.O & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ + Dalmatian’s Debut

G.O. (MBLAQ) & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ ~~this is a good song! it’s supposed to be a ‘response’ to ‘Gee’ -Dalmatian’s Debut with ‘Round 1’ -FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’ + #1 ~~YAY! many congrats to these boys!! =DD -Seo In Gook with ‘My Baby U’ ~~i like his music a lot ^^ -Taeyang with … Continue reading

[100827] KBS Music Bank: FT Island + Wheesung Comebacks

FT Island’s Comeback with ‘Love Love Love’ ~~YES YES YES!!! ~~zomg Seunghyun is so jailbait worthy can I plz steal him away? ~~Hongki’s hair color is alright but the cut is ehhh…GIMME BE BACK BLOND HONGKI -Wheesung’s Comeback with ‘I Even Thought of Marriage (RealSlow is Back)’ ~~I like him and all but this song’s … Continue reading

[100822] SBS Inkigayo: Navi’s + Eru’s + Supernova’s Comebacks

OK doing this real fast cuz I’m going out in an hour XD so not many comments Navi’s Comeback with ‘Listen to the End’ ~~lovin it more and more! ^^ -Eru’s Comeback with ‘White Tears’ -Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’ -Supernova’s Comeback with ‘On Days That I Missed You’ -BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’ + #1 … Continue reading

[100801] SBS Inkigayo: Se7en’s Comeback + Homme (Changmin of 2AM + Lee Hyun of 8eight) Debut

Se7en’s Comeback with ‘Digital Bounce’ ft. TOP (Big Bang) + ‘Better Together’ ~~His perfs are really great. I have to say that I liked his old stuff better though (Passion, I Know, Hikari, etc.). His music now is much more…monotone? His old stuff was more rnb and melodious. The chorus for ‘Better Together’ is really … Continue reading

[100730] KBS Music Bank Summer Special

It’s KBS Music Bank’s summer special today, so there are lots of special stages. Homme with ‘I was able to Eat Well’ ~~woot! great vocals! -DJ Doc’s Comeback with ‘I’m a Guy like This’ + Together -Gilme ft. K.Will with ‘I’m Sorry, I Loved You’ -Teen Top + Infinite Special Stage ~~pretty cool stage…they learnt … Continue reading

[100724] MBC Music Core: Jo Kwon’s Special Stage & SHINee + Chaeyeon Comebacks & Super Junior’s Goodbye

Jo Kwon (2AM) with ‘The Day of Confessing My Love’ ft. GaIn ~~awwww! Adam Couple =D ~~LMFAO at the end -SHINee’s Comeback Stage with ‘Up & Down’ + ‘Lucifer’ ~~STILL LOVIN IT! Their perfs are so good! -Chaeyeon’s Comeback with ‘Crazy’ + ‘Look Look Look’ -Super Junior’s Goodbye with ‘No Other’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~guess it’s … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Chaeyeon’s Mini Album Look At

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to Chaeyeon’s new EP, Look At. I think she stepped up from ‘Shake’ and her vocals have improved. Her old stuff is pretty good too (like ‘Two of Us’), so try it out! credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[100723] KBS Music Bank: SHINee + Chaeyeon’s Comebacks

Been waiting for today’s show all week =D I haven’t posted a music show post for ages too. SHINee’s Comeback with ‘Up & Down’ + ‘Lucifer’ ~~OH YEAHS! TOTAL LURVE FOR THIS SONG!!! have any of you ever heard the MR removed vid? A-MA-ZING. and the choreo is freaking awesome! ~~Minho’s injured, so he’s not … Continue reading

Chaeyeon’s ‘Look Look Look’ MV Released

Sexy diva Chaeyeon is back with a new mini album Look At. She had her comeback stage on Mnet M! Countdown today. The release of her EP and MV was also today. The title track is ‘Look Look Look’ and I think it’s better than ‘Shake’. I don’t think this MV will get banned; it’s … Continue reading

moonlightunes K-celeb Twitter Following List

This is a truly RANDOM post. I’m getting right back to work after this. It’s just that Gahee from After School got Twitter and I am weirdly estatic LOLZ XD Probably because I have a huge girl crush on her; she’s so prettyyyyy and dances so well and her singing is good GAAAAAAAH <3 So … Continue reading