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Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to DBSK (HoMin)’s ‘Before U Go’ + MV

Holy CRAP this song is freaking amazing. SO. GOOD. To be honest I never really got into either DBSK (HoMin)’s album nor JYJ’s mini album. But this.  This is really good. The genre is RnB and it’s similar to the style of SM The Ballad’s ‘Hot Times’, which I adored. As for the MV itself, … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to IU’s ‘Someday’ + Jinwoon & Changmin (2AM)’s ‘Can’t I Love You’ + Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Dreaming’ from Dream High OST

Request by Emily, a few lyrics from the Dream High OST. I found it a pretty entertaining drama. Nothing amazing or ground breaking, but enjoyable nonetheless. Kim Soo Hyun should seriously consider signing to become a singer rofl, he’s freaking good! credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes translation credits under the cut TAKE OUT WITH … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to DBSK (HoMin)’s ‘Our Game’ + ‘She’

Hi guys! I’m back (sort of XD). It’s reading week for me (aka Spring Break for uni) so I have the week off. Realize it’s called READING week, and we’re supposed to read textbooks and stuff. HA. HA. HA. No but I don’t have a choice, I have two midterms the week I get back,so … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Kanji + Romanji Lyrics to DBSK’s ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Japanese Ver.’ Single Lyrics

Requested by mrsshimchangmin quite a while ago, but since the single didn’t come out until recently, there weren’t any lyrics that I found. Personally I like the Korean versions better. Probably because I heard the Korean versions first. I find the Jap ver. sound more…nasally XD credit: hillando @ onetvxq.com TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[110107] TVXQ (HoMin) Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank

TVXQ’s (HoMin) comeback stage today on KBS Music Bank!!! =D ‘How Can I’ + ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’ Fan screams and shouts are so loud!!! Dislike for Yunho’s hair in ‘How Can I’ and the dance intro -.- but it was an awesome dance intro =D it’s the same dance as in the teasers … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to TVXQ (HoMin) Album Why(Keep Your Head Down)

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to TVXQ’s (HoMin) new album, Why (Keep  Your Head Down)! ^^ Hangeul, romanized, and translated lyrics to the title track ‘Keep Your Head Down’ can be found HERE. credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ Full MV Out!

AlfHgfuseygfkwavfw TVXQ’s MV for ‘Keep Your Head Down’!!! =D The dancing is forkin flawless, the choreo is great, and I really like the effects =D especially with the fire. Dislike for Yunho’s hair though; I liked his old hairstyle better. Well it still looks pretty good up, but not gelled up and stuff it’s not … Continue reading

TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ Full Track Out + Lyrics!!!

dfbakergfkuwEYGF TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ is out!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! Miss the other 3’s voices but…gaaah this song is still rly good! Lyrics will be up when I can find hangeul to them =P Lyrics up! =D Hanguel, romanization, and translation. credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes Translation: allkpop TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #2 Out!

A second comeback teaser CF for TVXQ’s (HoMin) comeback is out! Looks like maknae Changmin has been working out =P The track list is out too, from Yesasia. LOL at track 5! Oh gosh…waiting for that one for sure. And YAY Jay’s featured in track 4 ^^ 01. Why (Keep Your Head Down) 02. A … Continue reading

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 Performances

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 just ended and woot I was pretty hyped to watch this, since I personally like SBS’s the best (based on experience from the past 2 yrs). I imagine these performance vids will be removed so I apologize if you try to watch these too late and they’re already gone XD CodeAnalysisSeasons2 … Continue reading