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Blast from the Past: Clazziquai – She Is (My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST)

This song is old. Quite old. Have any of you ever watched the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, starring Hyun Bin (where I first discovered this hot guy and sort of died inside LOL) and Kim Sun Ah? Well the drama’s from 2005, so the song’s like 5 years old, as is the … Continue reading

[100604] MV Wrapup: Suki + Gahee (After School) + IU + Seulong + Sistar + Infinite + T-Max + Seo In Young + Kim Yuna + Lee Seung Gi + Electroboyz + Horan (Clazziquai)

Bunch of MVs I missed XD Suki ft. Gahee (After School) with ‘One Love’ MV starring Marco & Lee Hee Jin (ex-Baby VOX member) IU + Seulong (2AM) with ‘Nagging’ MV ~~aka, the second ‘We Fell in Love’ song Under the cut: Sistar, Infinite, T-Max, Seo In Young, Kim Yuna & Lee Seung Gi, Electroboyz … Continue reading

Clazziquai Releases ‘Ping’ MV

The awesome trio Clazziquai have released the MV for one of their new tracks, ‘Ping’! =D At a first glance, there’s nothing very special about the MV; it’s just following a pretty girl around for a day. But then you realize something interesting at the end XD just notice the beginning of the MV when … Continue reading

Clazziquai Reveals ‘Ping’

Clazziquai’s comeback song ‘Ping’ has been revealed! =D The MV should be coming soon, so stay tuned! ^^

[091125] CF + MV + Vid Releases (w/ 2PM + Kim Tae Hee + 2NE1 + MBLAQ + G-Dragon etc.)

Quite a bit of video releases… 2PM + Kim Tae Hee CF for Paris Baguette ~super cute! dunno who’s luckier, 2PM or Kim Tae Hee! Making of 2NE1’s Baskin Robbins CF ~very cute, and like i said, their image in the CF is rly different from their usual image Clazziquai + Mighty Mouth + Navi … Continue reading

[091124] Vid/Song Releases (w/ After School + Clazziquai + Rain)

New track off After School’s 2nd single, ‘When I Fall’ is out! It’s a really nice RnB track ^^ Clazziquai will be releasing a new remix album, and the new song is called ‘Ping’. They released a MV teaser. YAYZ for Clazziquai =DDD love them Rain/Bi under the cut

MV for Outsider+MC Sniper+Horan (Clazziquai)’s ‘Heart Disease’

Undoubtly, it’s a nice change to hear some hiphop amidst all the bubblegum pop and electronic beats. The artists to bring us this are…super fast rapper Outsider, underground hiphop rapper MC Sniper, and Clazziquai’s very own Horan. The song’s called ‘Heart Disease’. It’s a hiphop ballad with rap. The MV is rly mysterious and well … Continue reading

[090903] New Music Releases: J & Alex(Clazziquai) + Goo Hye Sun

Here are 2 new song releases I’d like to point out other than 2NE1’s reggae remix of ‘I Don’t Care’… J, a female kpop/ballad artist known for singing in the ‘Goong’ OST and various other OSTs, released a digital single called ‘Dream Catcher’. On the single is a duet with Clazziquai’s Alex called ‘Say I … Continue reading

[090731] KBS Music Bank

PACKED with good performances today! T-ara makes their debut stage (LIVE this time), while Brown Eyed Girls’ and KARA makes their comeback stage on MuBank. It’s the battle of the girl groups today, with 6 girl groups performing! -Brown Eyed Girls’ Comeback with ‘Abracadabra’ ~girls look gorgeous ~really hot performance, not to mention addicting! -KARA’s … Continue reading