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[100905] SBS Inkigayo: G.O & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ + Dalmatian’s Debut

G.O. (MBLAQ) & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ ~~this is a good song! it’s supposed to be a ‘response’ to ‘Gee’ -Dalmatian’s Debut with ‘Round 1’ -FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’ + #1 ~~YAY! many congrats to these boys!! =DD -Seo In Gook with ‘My Baby U’ ~~i like his music a lot ^^ -Taeyang with … Continue reading

[100419] Mnet A-Live Performances w/ G.O (MBLAQ) + J + Mate + Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)

Recently a series of A-Live singles have been released. What they are is beasically recordings of various artists singing live on a Mnet show called A-Live. The most recent single released featured indie band Mate, G.O from MBLAQ, Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul and J. Here’s two performances I found on YT from the … Continue reading

moonlightunes K-celeb Twitter Following List

This is a truly RANDOM post. I’m getting right back to work after this. It’s just that Gahee from After School got Twitter and I am weirdly estatic LOLZ XD Probably because I have a huge girl crush on her; she’s so prettyyyyy and dances so well and her singing is good GAAAAAAAH <3 So … Continue reading

[100408] Mnet M! Countdown

Really good lineup this week on M! Countdown =D Tons of comebacks and special stages. Rain/Bi’s Comeback Stage with ‘Love Song’ + ‘Hip Song’ + #1! ~~WOOT WOOT! watched this during my break in school kakakaka! and grats to him ^^ Under the cut: -Secret’s Comeback with ‘Magic’ ~~mazic, mazic, mazic, mazic, omo omo omo, … Continue reading

J (J.ae) Releases ‘Even if We Can’t Speak of the End’ MV ft. G.O. of MBLAQ

Singer J (or J.ae) made a comeback after 3 years (YES THANK YOU I totally spazzed on the day her album was released) and here’s the MV for her track ‘Even if We Can’t Speak of the End’, which features none other than G.O. of MBLAQ. The MV’s nothing special, but gosh who cares? It’s … Continue reading

[091129] SBS Inkigayo

Good lineup today! =D After School’s Comeback with ‘Because of You’ and ‘When I Fall’ ~~yesssssss both songs =D both songs are so nice ^^ and they’re so prettyyyy! ~~IMO, better performance today than their stage on Music Bank, vocals were good Other great performances under the cut: -2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ + #1! ~~grats to … Continue reading