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[101003] SBS Inkigayo: BEAST + J.Lim + Se7en + SHINee Comeback + Co-Ed Debut + Secret Goodbye

BEAST’s Comeback with ‘Clenching a Tight First’ + ‘Breathe’ ~~lovely performance for the ballad…and again, adore the choreo for the ‘breathe in breathe out’ part ~~Yoseob and his ad libs! Really great job! -Se7en with ‘I’m Going Crazy’ ~~this new song of his is more like his old style…i like. on another note, it very … Continue reading

[100724] MBC Music Core: Jo Kwon’s Special Stage & SHINee + Chaeyeon Comebacks & Super Junior’s Goodbye

Jo Kwon (2AM) with ‘The Day of Confessing My Love’ ft. GaIn ~~awwww! Adam Couple =D ~~LMFAO at the end -SHINee’s Comeback Stage with ‘Up & Down’ + ‘Lucifer’ ~~STILL LOVIN IT! Their perfs are so good! -Chaeyeon’s Comeback with ‘Crazy’ + ‘Look Look Look’ -Super Junior’s Goodbye with ‘No Other’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~guess it’s … Continue reading

[100611] KBS Music Bank: Infinite Debut + Koyote Comeback + Secret’s Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut with ‘Come Back Again’ -Koyote’s Comeback with ‘Return’ -SS501 with ‘Love Ya’ + #1 ~~woot grats! aww look at them -Secret’s Goodbye with ‘Magic’ ~~oh god about time…i was getting sick of them -C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ -Hwayobi with ‘Bye Bye Bye’ -Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’ ~~Kyuhyun should be back next week -MBLAQ … Continue reading

[100610] Mnet M! Countdown: Infinite + Suki + X-Cross Debuts + Koyote Comeback + Wonder Girls Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut Stage with ‘Intro’ + ‘Come Back Again’ ~~they are very strong for a debuting group. loving them! -Suki’s Debut with ‘One Love’ ~~very good song, imo. she did well -X-Cross’ Debut with ‘My Luv’ ~~i think they’re going to be totally overshadowed by Infinite…Infinite’s been getting quite a lot of publicity compared to … Continue reading

[100605] MBC Music Core: SS501’s Comeback + Sistar’s Debut + After School’s Goodbye + f(x) Special Stage

SS501’s Comeback Stage with ‘Love Ya’ + ‘Let Me Be the One’ -Sistar’s Debut with ‘Here We Come’ + ‘Push Push’ -After School’s Goodbye with ‘Bang!’ ~~Gahee’s gonna make solo debut =DDDD -f(x)’s Special Stage with ‘NU ABO’ -C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ -Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’ -Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’ -MBLAQ with ‘Y’ -4Minute … Continue reading

[100529] MBC Music Core: Wonder Girls + Rain Goodbye Stages

OH MY GOD im so pissed off right now my uber retard of a desktop computer restarted by itself and i did not save my pre-made schedules for registration for the upcoming semesters!!! crkawecgbrbheajwrc yeah i rly needed to get that out cuz i wanna stab my desktop right now. i should’ve just done the … Continue reading

[100528] KBS Music Bank: Rain’s Goodbye Stage + Hwayobi’s Comeback

Rain’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Hip Song’ ~~thank god he’s wearing this instead of the ugly costumes he wore previously -Hwayobi’s Comeback with ‘Bye Bye Bye’ ~~i rly like Hwayobi ^^ she sounds great. her dress is awfully short though XD ~~on a random note…SONG JOONG KI <33 aka the male MC aka hot doctor in … Continue reading

[100527] Mnet M!Countdown: T-ara & Seeya Special Stage + 2PM’s Goodbye

Hyomin & Soyeon (T-ara) + Boram (Seeya) with ‘Coffee Over Milk’ ~~the song’s from the kdrama Coffee House OST. it’s a cute cheerful song and they look rly pretty in their white dresses ^^ -Wonder Girls with ‘2 Different Tears’ + #1 ~~grats to the girls. their first win with new member and their win … Continue reading

[100516] SBS Inkigayo: 8eight + Super Junior + Davichi + Lee Jung Hyun + Lyn + NS YoonJi’s Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage + Honey Dew’s Debut

8eight’s Comeback Stage with ‘The End is Coming’ ~~i think i said this many times but…ZOMG I LOVE THEM AND THIS SONG!!! honestly, they’re such amazing singers. the end always moves me to tears! -Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~LOOOL AT HEECHUL FOR BONAMANA XD as my sister put it: … Continue reading

[100515] MBC Music Core: Davichi + Super Junior + 8eight + Lee Jung Hyun Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage

Davichi’s Comeback with ‘Time Please Stop’ ~~GAH LOVE THEM!!! soo prettyyyy and they sing SO WELL! and they seem to be really enjoying it too ^^ -Super Junior’s Comeback Stage with ‘Bonamana’ + ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom) ~~today’s perf was better than yesterday (since the 1st comeback stage is usually not as good as the … Continue reading