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Song Joong Ki + Brown Eyed Girls for Tony Moly CF + BTS/Interview

Actor Song Joong Ki and Brown Eyed Girls have been signed as the new faces of Tony Moly. The latest CF has been revealed, as well as the BTS. I actually came across it randomly…I saw Song Joong Ki’s face and clicked on it LOL HE’S SO CUUUTE!!! CF (60s) ~~omg I fangirled so much … Continue reading

[100814] SHINee (w/out Minho) @ The Muzit + Behind the Scenes

Just had to post this!! =D SHINee on a show called The Muzit (lolz what?) aired on the 14th. Looks like it’s a cable/pay channel. No eng subs but I really enjoyed the perfs. Taemin has improved so much!!! ^^ Aaaaand…once again he looks like a girl LOL. Especially because he clipped his bangs up … Continue reading

[100619] MBC Music Core: D-NA Comeback + Orange Caramel’s Debut + C.N. Blue’s Special Stage

Yuri is back as MC (Tiffany isn’t yet), and with her as guest MCs is ‘Sweet Potato’ couple Jong Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) and fellow member Seohyun (SNSD) from We Got Married. D-NA’s (Dae Guk Nam Ah) Comeback with ‘Stumble Stumble’ ~~i can’t stop staring at Karam *O* haha…ha…ha. ~~still hooked on the song! it’s … Continue reading

2PM Behind the Scenes for Hanbul Cosmetics It’s Skin CF + Pics

2PM is going to be in yet another CF. This time it’s for the It’s Skin line for Hanbul Cosmetics. This behind the scenes, and they’re topless =P except for the Jun bros who they didn’t film <.< but they’re there for the interview at least. Lookie lookie at their new hairstyles! Not really digging … Continue reading

[100327] Yunho (DBSK) @ MJ This Is It Tribute Concert – Pics + Vids

Yunho was at MJ’s Tribute Concert in Seoul on the 27th and WOOTWOOT he looks smoking! Changmin showed up, as well as Minho from SHINee and Jungmo of TRAX. There’ll be another one tomrrow (28th). Meanwhile, here are fancams and some pics =DDDD Interview @ EReplay HQ (it’s not rly HQ XD but it’s not … Continue reading

DBSK’s ‘Toki Wo Tomete’ Offshot Movie

Hi sorry guys just this one post for today. I’ve got an essay to write critiquing a business article sooo this is gonna be just it for today. DBSK’s ‘Toki Wo Tomete’ offshot movie (basically behind the scenes film). Not surprisingly, they didn’t film the group scenes together. Meh, I figured they filmed separately. T.T … Continue reading

[100305] KBS Music Bank

Busy, haven’t watched, so no comments on perfs. BEAST’s Comeback Stage with ‘Shock’ + Interview Under the cut: -Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) Debuts with ‘Tokyo Boy’ -Outsider’s Comeback Stage with ‘Acquaintance’ -Brian’s Comeback Stage with ‘In My Head’ -SNSD with ‘Oh!’ + #1 ~~Yuri’s down w/ H1N1, so she’s not here -KARA with ‘Lupin’ … Continue reading

[100304] Mnet M! Countdown

Quick recap: Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) Debut Stage with ‘Tokyo Boy’ + Intro Under the cut: -Outsider’s Comeback Stage with ‘Acquaintance’ ~~AWESOME X1000000000 -Outsider w/ J (J.ae)’s Special Stage with ‘동백아가씨 Remix Ver.’ ~~coooool =D -Brian’s Comeback Stage with ‘In My Head’ ~~^^ good to see him perform again -KARA with ‘Lupin’ -J (J.ae) … Continue reading

[100226] KBS Music Bank

KARA’s Comeback Stage with ‘Lupin’ + ‘Umbrella’ + Interview ~~i have to say…i didn’t like any song on their mini album except ‘Lupin’ XD so ya ‘Umbrella’ bores me a bit ~~much better perf than yesterday! less backtrack too thank you! Gyuri looks way better w/ long hair…and Hara whoa looks like such a mini … Continue reading

KARA + T-ara Make Comebacks on Mnet M! Countdown

KARA and T-ara both made their comeback stages on Mnet M! Countdown today. Here are the performances. I think I’m looking more forward to tomorrow’s show (MuBank) KARA with ‘Lupin’ + ‘Umbrella’ ~~backtrack is freaking loud, and you can hardly hear their actual voices. god M! Countdown’s sound system sucks so badly T-ara with ‘I … Continue reading

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