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Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Jaejoong’s Time Slip Dr. Jin OST ‘Living Like a Dream’

Jaejoong of DBSK/JYJ (Protect the Boss, Heaven’s Postman) starring in a new drama called Time Slip Dr. Jin, which started airing just this past weekend. I haven’t started yet, because I’ve been so wrapped up in watching the amazingly hilarious and quirky American sitcom New Girl. I also still need to finish the last two … Continue reading

Preview to Six Tracks on JYJ’s Upcoming Korean Album

OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO SO GOOD YES YES YES!!! For those who don’t know, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) are going to release a Korean album. The album’s in a form of a photo essay, and it’ll be released some time in January. A preview of 6 tracks from the album was revealed … Continue reading

Christmas Messages from JYJ (Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu) with Translations

JYJ’s official Merry Christmas wishes, taken from the official JYJ website. Translations here also, credit to tohosomnia It makes me a little bit upset >.< I hope they’ll be happy, because all of their messages have some unhappy thoughts. They seem sorta lonely…if only fangirls would be more sensible and let them date! On another … Continue reading

Album Version PV for JYJ’s ‘Itsudatte Kimi Ni’

A while back a performance version of JYJ’s ‘Itsudatte Kimi Ni’ PV was released. Now an album version has been released. There aren’t any HQ versions out yet so we’ll have to make do with a LQ one. It’s basically just footage of them recording and the three of them hanging out…T.T only three of … Continue reading

JYJ (Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu) Mini Album The… Scans

Scans to JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) mini album The… There’s a 128kbps leak floating around the internet but it’s NOT actually officially released yet till the 8th…I’m so excited! I would totally buy it but I don’t have money at all -.- I owe my friend $50 LOL. With super expensive textbooks and the summer … Continue reading

Jaejoong + Junsu + Yoochun (JYJ) ‘Itsudatte Kimi Ni’ PV + Lyrics

Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun (also known as JYJ) had their concerts a while back and a DVD will be released. A PV for one of their new tracks ‘Itsudatte Kimi Ni’ have been revealed. It’s a performance of the song from one of their concerts. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m happy to see … Continue reading

JaeChunSu’s (DBSK) Amazing Performance of ‘W’

This song is so freaking beautiful. I am totally tearing up here. So, so amazing.  So much meaning to this song, ‘W’. The letter W, btw, is the constellation Cassieopeia., and each of the 5 points represents one of the members. GAK, excuse me while I go wipe my tears.

Jaejoong’s (DBSK) an an Magazine Scans

The much-awaited photoshoot of Jaejoong in an an Magazine!!! =D I’m sure there are more pics, because I’m waiting to recieve the password so I can download a whole zip file that’s 17.7 MB large with 156 pictures!!! Anyway, there’s one pic where he lifted his shirt KEKEKEEE WHY NOT TAKE IT OFF COMPLETELY (no … Continue reading

Jaejoong (DBSK)’s an an Magazine Preview Vid + Pictures

I dunno if you guys know, but Jaejoong of DBSK is going to have a photoshoot for the April issue of an an magazine. It’ll be out on the 7th. The magazine is known to have some artistic photoshoots where celebs pose nude (Matsumoto Jun of Arashi, Jin and Kame of KAT-TUN are some examples … Continue reading

Yunho + Jaejoong + Junsu (DBSK) for May 2010 Issue of Ray Magazine

Yunho, Jaejoong, and Junsu for Ray Magazine, for the May issue =D Yoochun and Changmin had their shoot for the last issue which you can see HERE. Enjoy ^^ Yunho looks rly good in a suit  ^^ His hair’s just ok; I’ve seen him w/ better hairstyles. Jae’s vest thing is sorta odd XD  I … Continue reading

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