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[100814] SHINee (w/out Minho) @ The Muzit + Behind the Scenes

Just had to post this!! =D SHINee on a show called The Muzit (lolz what?) aired on the 14th. Looks like it’s a cable/pay channel. No eng subs but I really enjoyed the perfs. Taemin has improved so much!!! ^^ Aaaaand…once again he looks like a girl LOL. Especially because he clipped his bangs up … Continue reading

[100529] SHINee Performances + Interview @ MXTV Seoul Train

Call me late and random but…it’s SHINee live in Yokohama (Japan) at MXTV Seoul Train =D It was aired on the 29th of May. A bunch of Korean artists were there, but since I just had my little SHINee nostalgic post, I went through more SHINee vids and thought I’d post this up. XD They … Continue reading

19th High1 Seoul Music Awards Performances

I just put up the winner’s list before, and now here’s a list of the performances. I haven’t watched everything since I’ve got tons of reading to do for classes…ugh… For the winner’s list, go HERE. Kim Jang Hoon + Super Junior with ‘I’m a Man’ ~~yes you are =P again, happy bday to Kyuhyun! … Continue reading

MBC Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Phew, ANOTHER Gayo Daejeon to recap! MBC Gayo Daejeon took place on the 31st, and no doubt it had some great perfs. MCs: Kim Gura, Shin Jung Hwan, Park Myung Soo, and Lee Bo Young Beginning + Nichkhun (2PM) + Lee Bo Young with ‘Way Back into Love’ ~~ahh i love this song ^^ Closing

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Ok, so i just got home and now im watching the perfs. SO, here they are! Just to let you guys know, Baek Ji Young cancelled her acts because she collapsed before. A shame for her fans (like me) but hope she gets well soon! Opening MCs are Heechul (Super Junior), Park Shin Hye, and … Continue reading

[091125] SHINee @ Live Session

SHINee on Live Session! =D They sang ‘Y.O.U. (Year of Us)’, ‘Juliette’, ‘Graze’, and ‘Ring Ding Dong’!!!! YAYZ TO YEAR OF US I ADORE THAT SONG. This was recorded on the 10th, only 2 days after Jonghyun recovered from H1N1. But no Onew T.T ah well… make do with what you get I guess. Live … Continue reading

[091011] Dream Concert Broadcast + Fancams

SBS broadcasted the Dream Concert on the 11th, which was also why there was no Inkigayo. Here are perfs…unfortunately for 2PM and Big Bang fans, the Dream Concert actually requested for them not to be aired. So you won’t see any broadcasted perfs from them. MCs: Heechul (Super Junior) + MC Mong + Seo Ji … Continue reading

[090905] Incheon Hallyu Concert Vids w/SuJu+SHINee+2PM+SNSD etc.

The Incheon Hallyu Concert was on the 5th of September, and lots of stars were there including SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, Rain (Bi), 2PM etc. I looked for fancams on youtube and found out that…SHINee performed ‘Scar’! =DDDD YES! Here’s the perf fancams I found… SHINee: Scar, Juliette, Replay Super Junior: It’s You, Sorry Sorry … Continue reading

Star Golden Bell Idol Special Eng Subbed (w/SNSD+SHINee+2PM+KARA)

FULL eng subbed ep of Star Golden Bell’s Idol Special! =D I only watched up to 4/8 so I’m going to go finish it now. Have fun watching!!! Guests: 2AM (Changmin) 2PM (Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung, Taecyeon) KARA SHINee (Key, Onew, Jonghyun, Minho) SNSD (Jessica, Yoona, Sooyoung, Seohyun) Highlights: -2AM’s Changmin reveals that his ideal girl … Continue reading

[090815] Star Golden Bell Cuts

August 15th’s episode of Star Golden Bell was packed with idol groups including SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, and KARA. The Idol Special episode is up on youtube, but not eng subbed, so we’re gonna have to wait. But considering the fact there’s so many idols in this one ep, it should be subbed pretty quickly. Here … Continue reading