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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 Performances

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 just ended and woot I was pretty hyped to watch this, since I personally like SBS’s the best (based on experience from the past 2 yrs). I imagine these performance vids will be removed so I apologize if you try to watch these too late and they’re already gone XD CodeAnalysisSeasons2 … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to KARA’s ‘Mister (Korean)’

Requested by CheYeongGi, lyrics to KARA’s ‘Mister’. credit: MelOn + thelapan+moonlightunes + trans: Doolie + makikawaii@blogspot TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Sungje’s (Supernova) & Jiyoung’s (KARA) Merry Love Single

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to ‘Merry Love’, a collab single between Jiyoung of KARA and Sungje of Supernova aka Cho Shin Sung. It’s such a happy holiday song and the MV is adorable!!! <3 credit: Mnet + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[101120] MBC Music Core: KARA + BEAST + Orange Caramel + Oh Won Bin ft. HyunA (4Minute)

KARA’s Comeback with ‘Burn’ + ‘Jumping’ ~~for the ‘Jumping’ perf…prettyyy! Goo Hara is soo pretty!! Gyuri…her hair looks really flat on top. I really don’t think she should’ve dyed her hair this colour. Seungyeon’s hair is really nice though. ~~I tend to only like KARA’s title tracks, so ‘Burn’ is meh to me

KARA’s ‘Jumping (Korean ver)’ Club Remix Edit by alikstae (Rex Rowdee)

Yet another amazing remix by alikstae (Rex Rowdee). This time it’s a remix edit of KARA’s ‘Jumping (Korean ver.)’. SO. GOOD. I adore it! The beginning is so-so, but it gets better as the song goes along. I replayed this youtube video so many times while waiting for him to upload his remix!

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to KARA’s Mini Album Jumping

I should be reading my econ textbook…but I totally don’t feel like it…at all. So…I’m just gonna intense study tomorrow at the library after the econ tutorial XD Before I go watch The Big Bang Theory…here’s a lyric post! Hangeul and romanized lyrics to KARA’s new Korean mini album Jumping. Yeah, they released a Japanese … Continue reading

Kanji + Romaji + Translated Lyrics to KARA’s ‘Jumping’ + 2 MVs

Lyrics to KARA’s ‘Jumping’. I find this song is very Japanese…like I could see Japanese girl groups singing this. But it also has a Korean flair to it, thanks to KARA. There’s actually 2 MVs for it, which is why I have two videos up; the 1st is modern and the second is sports/cheerleader version. … Continue reading

[100904] The 2010 Incheon Music Wave Performances

The 2010 Incheon Music Wave was aired today in place of MBC Music Core. Mind you, this is edited and watered down so some stuff you may have seen on fancams may not have been aired. I don’t really have time to watch it now but here are the vids anyway. I’ll probably watch this … Continue reading

Lee Sun Hee’s ‘Fox Rain’ MV + KARA’s 2ME’ MV + F1RST’s ‘You Like Me, I Like You’ MV

Lee Sun Hee’s ‘Fox Rain’ MV from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST ~~YES PLEASE =D total lurve for this song. figured there would be an MV eventually…the song’s well-liked KARA’s ‘2ME’ MV ~~new Korean release from girlgroup KARA. song’s so-so F1RST with ‘You Like Me, I Like You’ MV ~~brand new mixed group F1RST … Continue reading

MV for KARA’s ‘Mister (Japanese ver.)’ Released

KARA have revealed the MV to ‘Mister (Japanese ver.)’! I liked the song when it came out and always thuoght it had a Japanese vibe to it. The MV’s nothing special but the girls look gorgeous.