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Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Navi’s First Album Hello

Another lyrics post! I’ve usually been missing during the weekdays so…Friday is like, my make up day? XD Navi released her first album Hello and gosh it’s so good! Quite a fair bit of the album are old tracks but whatever. The title track is track 2, ‘Well Done’, and the MV is below. Junhyung … Continue reading

[100821] MBC Music Core: Eru + Supernova + Navi Comeback & GP Basic + Nine Muses Debut

Eru’s Comeback with ‘White Tears’ ~~he’s back! good vocals ftw ^^ -Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’ ~~not digging this song…but maybe I’ll come to like it more as time passes on? dance is cool though, as usually his dances are -Supernova’s Comeback with ‘On Days That I Missed You’ ~~pretty good perf. it’s not amazing … Continue reading

[100814] SHINee (w/out Minho) @ The Muzit + Behind the Scenes

Just had to post this!! =D SHINee on a show called The Muzit (lolz what?) aired on the 14th. Looks like it’s a cable/pay channel. No eng subs but I really enjoyed the perfs. Taemin has improved so much!!! ^^ Aaaaand…once again he looks like a girl LOL. Especially because he clipped his bangs up … Continue reading

[100801] SBS Inkigayo: Se7en’s Comeback + Homme (Changmin of 2AM + Lee Hyun of 8eight) Debut

Se7en’s Comeback with ‘Digital Bounce’ ft. TOP (Big Bang) + ‘Better Together’ ~~His perfs are really great. I have to say that I liked his old stuff better though (Passion, I Know, Hikari, etc.). His music now is much more…monotone? His old stuff was more rnb and melodious. The chorus for ‘Better Together’ is really … Continue reading

[100730] KBS Music Bank Summer Special

It’s KBS Music Bank’s summer special today, so there are lots of special stages. Homme with ‘I was able to Eat Well’ ~~woot! great vocals! -DJ Doc’s Comeback with ‘I’m a Guy like This’ + Together -Gilme ft. K.Will with ‘I’m Sorry, I Loved You’ -Teen Top + Infinite Special Stage ~~pretty cool stage…they learnt … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Navi’s We Really Did Love Each Other ft. K.Will

More lyrics! Hangeul and romanized lyrics to Navi’s comeback single ft. K.Will, We Really Did Love Each Other =D credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes

[100622] MV Wrapup: Navi & K.Will + Goo Hye Sun + B2Y + Yoo Eun Hye & Song G + Yoari

Hey guys, been out and busy so I didn’t update for the last few days. Sry! But here are a few MVs that I missed… Navi ft. K.Will with ‘We Really Did Love Each Other’ MV ~~MUAHA! I was right! It IS K.Will =D Love them both ^^ Goo Hye Sun with ‘Brown Hair’ MV … Continue reading

[100502] SBS Inkigayo – 2PM + Hyori Lee Comebacks & 2AM + SNSD Goodbyes

2PM’s Comeback with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’ ~~whoooooaaa there’s FIRE! LOL! anyway i have to say I like the ‘DSCS’ perfs more than the ‘Without U’ perfs…more energy, more fierce…I wish Khun had his rap though cuz it’s one of my fave parts in the song -Hyori Lee’s Comeback with ‘I’m Back’ … Continue reading

[100501] MBC Music Core – Hyori Lee + 2PM Comebacks + 2AM Goodbye Stage

Hyori Lee’s Comeback with ‘Bring it Back’ ft. Bekha (After School) & JiYoon (4Minute) + ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ ~~oooh i’m glad she’s perf-ing ‘Bring it Back’ =D they look fierce! so many backup dancers though o.o ~~still not digging her eyebrow/eye makeup XD -2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’ … Continue reading

[100430] KBS Music Bank – 2PM + Rain/Bi + Hyori Lee + Secret + Chung Lim Comebacks + SNSD Goodbye Stage

KBS Music Bank has finally resumed since the naval accident. Anyway, here’s the lineup and perfs…there’s a lot of good ones…there’s A LOT of perfs actually. not complaining! =D 2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’ ~~ performance wise they did better than their first comeback stage (usually the second comeback … Continue reading