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[101120] MBC Music Core: KARA + BEAST + Orange Caramel + Oh Won Bin ft. HyunA (4Minute)

KARA’s Comeback with ‘Burn’ + ‘Jumping’ ~~for the ‘Jumping’ perf…prettyyy! Goo Hara is soo pretty!! Gyuri…her hair looks really flat on top. I really don’t think she should’ve dyed her hair this colour. Seungyeon’s hair is really nice though. ~~I tend to only like KARA’s title tracks, so ‘Burn’ is meh to me

[100821] MBC Music Core: Eru + Supernova + Navi Comeback & GP Basic + Nine Muses Debut

Eru’s Comeback with ‘White Tears’ ~~he’s back! good vocals ftw ^^ -Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’ ~~not digging this song…but maybe I’ll come to like it more as time passes on? dance is cool though, as usually his dances are -Supernova’s Comeback with ‘On Days That I Missed You’ ~~pretty good perf. it’s not amazing … Continue reading

[100724] MBC Music Core: Jo Kwon’s Special Stage & SHINee + Chaeyeon Comebacks & Super Junior’s Goodbye

Jo Kwon (2AM) with ‘The Day of Confessing My Love’ ft. GaIn ~~awwww! Adam Couple =D ~~LMFAO at the end -SHINee’s Comeback Stage with ‘Up & Down’ + ‘Lucifer’ ~~STILL LOVIN IT! Their perfs are so good! -Chaeyeon’s Comeback with ‘Crazy’ + ‘Look Look Look’ -Super Junior’s Goodbye with ‘No Other’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~guess it’s … Continue reading

[100619] MBC Music Core: D-NA Comeback + Orange Caramel’s Debut + C.N. Blue’s Special Stage

Yuri is back as MC (Tiffany isn’t yet), and with her as guest MCs is ‘Sweet Potato’ couple Jong Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) and fellow member Seohyun (SNSD) from We Got Married. D-NA’s (Dae Guk Nam Ah) Comeback with ‘Stumble Stumble’ ~~i can’t stop staring at Karam *O* haha…ha…ha. ~~still hooked on the song! it’s … Continue reading

[100605] MBC Music Core: SS501’s Comeback + Sistar’s Debut + After School’s Goodbye + f(x) Special Stage

SS501’s Comeback Stage with ‘Love Ya’ + ‘Let Me Be the One’ -Sistar’s Debut with ‘Here We Come’ + ‘Push Push’ -After School’s Goodbye with ‘Bang!’ ~~Gahee’s gonna make solo debut =DDDD -f(x)’s Special Stage with ‘NU ABO’ -C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ -Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’ -Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’ -MBLAQ with ‘Y’ -4Minute … Continue reading

[100529] MBC Music Core: Wonder Girls + Rain Goodbye Stages

OH MY GOD im so pissed off right now my uber retard of a desktop computer restarted by itself and i did not save my pre-made schedules for registration for the upcoming semesters!!! crkawecgbrbheajwrc yeah i rly needed to get that out cuz i wanna stab my desktop right now. i should’ve just done the … Continue reading

[100522] MBC Music Core: C.N. Blue + Wonder Girls + MBLAQ + 4Minute Comebacks

Didn’t post yesterday for MuBank cuz I got home pretty late and was too tired to. Anyway, here’s today’s Music Core! C.N. Blue’s Comeback Stage with ‘Love’ + ‘Black Flower’ ~~I’m really hooked onto ‘Love’. I can’t help but smile =P -Wonder Girls’ Comeback with ‘2 Different Tears’ ~~after watching 3 comeback perfs, I can … Continue reading

[100515] MBC Music Core: Davichi + Super Junior + 8eight + Lee Jung Hyun Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage

Davichi’s Comeback with ‘Time Please Stop’ ~~GAH LOVE THEM!!! soo prettyyyy and they sing SO WELL! and they seem to be really enjoying it too ^^ -Super Junior’s Comeback Stage with ‘Bonamana’ + ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom) ~~today’s perf was better than yesterday (since the 1st comeback stage is usually not as good as the … Continue reading

[100508] MBC Music Core: Gummy + f(x)’s Comebacks + SNSD’s Goodbye

Gummy’s Comeback Stage with ‘There is No Love’ + ‘Because of You’ + ‘As a Man’ ~~WOOT! i LOVE ‘Because of You’!!! it’s like my fave song on her album ^^ didn’t think she’d perform it (even though it was a very short perf) ~~powerful vocals and all, but a slight lack of emotion? ah … Continue reading

[100501] MBC Music Core – Hyori Lee + 2PM Comebacks + 2AM Goodbye Stage

Hyori Lee’s Comeback with ‘Bring it Back’ ft. Bekha (After School) & JiYoon (4Minute) + ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ ~~oooh i’m glad she’s perf-ing ‘Bring it Back’ =D they look fierce! so many backup dancers though o.o ~~still not digging her eyebrow/eye makeup XD -2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’ … Continue reading