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MV+Teaser Wrap: Popsicle + Seungri + G.NA + MBLAQ + Teen Top + JQT +Wilbur Pan

A whole bunch of MV and MV teasers that I didn’t post up in the past few days and today… Popsicle with ‘I Love You Until It Snows in the Summer’ -Mika Karam and Injun from Dae Guk Nam Ah! I like the song, and Karam is my fave member frm D-NA ^^ I wish … Continue reading

MBLAQ Reveals ‘Stay’ MV Teasers

MBLAQ’s ‘Stay’ MV teasers! They also released their full length album today. I’m really liking this song ^^ Too much…makeup though…again -.-

Song Joong Ki in StarVelo27 Bike in Sydney Teasers

I am…sort of…ok not sort of, I’m COMPLETELY obsessed with Song Joong Ki right!!! SO FREAKING CUTE. HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO CUTE?! He has invaded my laptop. Song Joong Ki, btw, is a 25 year old actor. He gained fame after his potrayal as Goo Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which I am watching … Continue reading

TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #3 Revealed

The 3rd CF/MV teaser for TVXQ’s comeback has been released. They look so fierce and beast hahahaa! I dislike Yunho’s hair though -.-

TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #2 Out!

A second comeback teaser CF for TVXQ’s (HoMin) comeback is out! Looks like maknae Changmin has been working out =P The track list is out too, from Yesasia. LOL at track 5! Oh gosh…waiting for that one for sure. And YAY Jay’s featured in track 4 ^^ 01. Why (Keep Your Head Down) 02. A … Continue reading

TVXQ (HoMin)’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ CF #1 + Infinite’s ‘Before the Dawn’ MV Teaser

TVXQ (HoMin) are making a comeback, and one of three CFs have been revealed. The album is called Keep Your Head Down, and the song here ‘Why’ really reminds me of ‘Are You a Good Girl?’ Their comeback is on January 5th. Just thinking…since their comeback is in January…and JYJ’s is also…then won’t they be … Continue reading

HIT-5 Releases ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ MV Teaser Starring MinAh (Girl’s Day) + Chinese Lyrics

HIT-5, a Chinese boyband is making a comeback with a new EP (mini album) called Running. They released two of their songs ‘Running’ and ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ as singles. I quite like them. They reminded me of DBSK in their last album with a twist. Their new song ‘Running’ is similar to U-KISS. But … Continue reading

MBLAQ to Make Comeback, Reveals MV Teaser to ‘Cry’

MBLAQ’s making a comeback! Their first album Cry will be out January 10th, and a MV teaser was revealed today. It must’ve been a pain to shoot this! But it looks pretty interesting. Watch in HD; it doesn’t look so nice in LQ. I’m wondering if this song will be the title track…I think a … Continue reading

Preview to Six Tracks on JYJ’s Upcoming Korean Album

OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO SO GOOD YES YES YES!!! For those who don’t know, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) are going to release a Korean album. The album’s in a form of a photo essay, and it’ll be released some time in January. A preview of 6 tracks from the album was revealed … Continue reading

Hyunseung & Kikwang (BEAST) Duet ‘Let it Snow’ Released + MV Teaser + Lyrics

Hyunseung and Kikwang’s duet ‘Let it Snow’ is out =DDD The MV teaser is reaaally long too. And I dunno what exactly is going on except that them 2 are at a bar in their pilot costumes. Then some girl shows up and ya…when she leaves toward the end them two start…arguing? Sort of? LOL … Continue reading