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Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to G.NA’s Album Black & White

Last mass lyrics post of today…G.NA’s first album Black & White. There aren’t many new tracks in the album XD Other songs were already on singles she previously released or songs she collaborated with other artists. Some tracks were on her mini album (which I think shouldn’t have been put into this album…companies sure know … Continue reading

[100529] MBC Music Core: Wonder Girls + Rain Goodbye Stages

OH MY GOD im so pissed off right now my uber retard of a desktop computer restarted by itself and i did not save my pre-made schedules for registration for the upcoming semesters!!! crkawecgbrbheajwrc yeah i rly needed to get that out cuz i wanna stab my desktop right now. i should’ve just done the … Continue reading

[100528] KBS Music Bank: Rain’s Goodbye Stage + Hwayobi’s Comeback

Rain’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Hip Song’ ~~thank god he’s wearing this instead of the ugly costumes he wore previously -Hwayobi’s Comeback with ‘Bye Bye Bye’ ~~i rly like Hwayobi ^^ she sounds great. her dress is awfully short though XD ~~on a random note…SONG JOONG KI <33 aka the male MC aka hot doctor in … Continue reading

[100527] Mnet M!Countdown: T-ara & Seeya Special Stage + 2PM’s Goodbye

Hyomin & Soyeon (T-ara) + Boram (Seeya) with ‘Coffee Over Milk’ ~~the song’s from the kdrama Coffee House OST. it’s a cute cheerful song and they look rly pretty in their white dresses ^^ -Wonder Girls with ‘2 Different Tears’ + #1 ~~grats to the girls. their first win with new member and their win … Continue reading

[100523] SBS Inkigayo: Wonder Girls + C.N. Blue + MBLAQ + 4Minute Comebacks + 2PM & Transfixion Special Stage

2PM & Transfixion’s Special Stage with ‘The Shouts Of The Reds Part 2’ + ‘For Victory’ + ‘Without U’ + #1 ~~no Junsu today again since he hurt his knee. and Chansung’s missing for the special stage -Wonder Girls’ Comeback with ‘2 Different Tears’ ~~Yeeun sounded better in the previous perfs…but Hyerim sounds better today … Continue reading

[100522] MBC Music Core: C.N. Blue + Wonder Girls + MBLAQ + 4Minute Comebacks

Didn’t post yesterday for MuBank cuz I got home pretty late and was too tired to. Anyway, here’s today’s Music Core! C.N. Blue’s Comeback Stage with ‘Love’ + ‘Black Flower’ ~~I’m really hooked onto ‘Love’. I can’t help but smile =P -Wonder Girls’ Comeback with ‘2 Different Tears’ ~~after watching 3 comeback perfs, I can … Continue reading

[100520] Mnet M! Countdown: Wonder Girls + MBLAQ + C.N. Blue + 4Minute Comebacks

Good performances on today’s Mnet M!  Countdown… Wonder Girls’ Comeback Stage with ‘2 Different Tears’ ~~this is SUCH a catchy song…the chorus is addictive. but i like the remix  a lot more. ~~improvement on vocals; great thing. Yeeun and Sunye sounded rly good. Hye Rim was :S in the beginning, got a bit better as … Continue reading

[100516] SBS Inkigayo: 8eight + Super Junior + Davichi + Lee Jung Hyun + Lyn + NS YoonJi’s Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage + Honey Dew’s Debut

8eight’s Comeback Stage with ‘The End is Coming’ ~~i think i said this many times but…ZOMG I LOVE THEM AND THIS SONG!!! honestly, they’re such amazing singers. the end always moves me to tears! -Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~LOOOL AT HEECHUL FOR BONAMANA XD as my sister put it: … Continue reading

[100515] MBC Music Core: Davichi + Super Junior + 8eight + Lee Jung Hyun Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage

Davichi’s Comeback with ‘Time Please Stop’ ~~GAH LOVE THEM!!! soo prettyyyy and they sing SO WELL! and they seem to be really enjoying it too ^^ -Super Junior’s Comeback Stage with ‘Bonamana’ + ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom) ~~today’s perf was better than yesterday (since the 1st comeback stage is usually not as good as the … Continue reading

[100514] KBS Music Bank: Super Junior + Davichi + Lee Jung Hyun + Gummy + 8eight etc. Comebacks + Vanilla Lucy’s Debut

Today’s MuBank is great!! =DDD Awesome lineup and amazingg show today YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYY!!! Yea, I’m tootally psyched over today’s show lmfao. **missing is Lyn’s Comeback with ‘Sweetie, Honey, Darling’, Soya N Sun with ‘Smiling Goodbye’, and Rumble Fish’s Comeback with ‘What Should I Do’ Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~WOOOOOTS! -Davichi’s … Continue reading