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[101003] SBS Inkigayo: BEAST + J.Lim + Se7en + SHINee Comeback + Co-Ed Debut + Secret Goodbye

BEAST’s Comeback with ‘Clenching a Tight First’ + ‘Breathe’ ~~lovely performance for the ballad…and again, adore the choreo for the ‘breathe in breathe out’ part ~~Yoseob and his ad libs! Really great job! -Se7en with ‘I’m Going Crazy’ ~~this new song of his is more like his old style…i like. on another note, it very … Continue reading

[100926] SBS Inkigayo: BoA’s Comeback

Oh my god guys…first post in quite a while. I’m actually supposed to be reading my stats textbook right now…but clearly I’m not doing that. Decided to give myself a bit of a break XD I even skipped out on a huge social event yesternight to do an assignment. UGH. *bangs head on table* Went … Continue reading

[100905] SBS Inkigayo: G.O & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ + Dalmatian’s Debut

G.O. (MBLAQ) & Nassun with ‘O-IWI-O’ ~~this is a good song! it’s supposed to be a ‘response’ to ‘Gee’ -Dalmatian’s Debut with ‘Round 1’ -FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’ + #1 ~~YAY! many congrats to these boys!! =DD -Seo In Gook with ‘My Baby U’ ~~i like his music a lot ^^ -Taeyang with … Continue reading

[100829] SBS Inkigayo: FT Island’s Comeback + New Performances

FT Island’s Comeback with ‘Baby Love’ + ‘Love Love Love’ ~~loved the ‘Baby Love’ perf! so nice ^^ ~SEUNGHYUN. *dies* why are you so yooounggg lololol -Sistar with ‘Shady Girl’ -Narsha ft. Sunny Hill with ‘Mamma Mia’ -BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’ + #1′ -Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’ -G.NA with ‘Supa Solo’ -Se7en with ‘Digital … Continue reading

[100822] SBS Inkigayo: Navi’s + Eru’s + Supernova’s Comebacks

OK doing this real fast cuz I’m going out in an hour XD so not many comments Navi’s Comeback with ‘Listen to the End’ ~~lovin it more and more! ^^ -Eru’s Comeback with ‘White Tears’ -Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’ -Supernova’s Comeback with ‘On Days That I Missed You’ -BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’ + #1 … Continue reading

[100801] SBS Inkigayo: Se7en’s Comeback + Homme (Changmin of 2AM + Lee Hyun of 8eight) Debut

Se7en’s Comeback with ‘Digital Bounce’ ft. TOP (Big Bang) + ‘Better Together’ ~~His perfs are really great. I have to say that I liked his old stuff better though (Passion, I Know, Hikari, etc.). His music now is much more…monotone? His old stuff was more rnb and melodious. The chorus for ‘Better Together’ is really … Continue reading

[100613] SBS Inkigayo: After School & f(x) Special Stage + SS501 & Koyote Comeback + Infinite & Sistar Debut

Inkigayo is finally back after an absence for 2 weeks… After School & f(x) Special Stage with ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne ~~seems like it’s supposed to be cheering on South Korea for the World Cup looking at the screen…how this has anything to do with the WC beats me XD -SS501’s Comeback with ‘Love Ya’ … Continue reading

[100523] SBS Inkigayo: Wonder Girls + C.N. Blue + MBLAQ + 4Minute Comebacks + 2PM & Transfixion Special Stage

2PM & Transfixion’s Special Stage with ‘The Shouts Of The Reds Part 2’ + ‘For Victory’ + ‘Without U’ + #1 ~~no Junsu today again since he hurt his knee. and Chansung’s missing for the special stage -Wonder Girls’ Comeback with ‘2 Different Tears’ ~~Yeeun sounded better in the previous perfs…but Hyerim sounds better today … Continue reading

[100516] SBS Inkigayo: 8eight + Super Junior + Davichi + Lee Jung Hyun + Lyn + NS YoonJi’s Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage + Honey Dew’s Debut

8eight’s Comeback Stage with ‘The End is Coming’ ~~i think i said this many times but…ZOMG I LOVE THEM AND THIS SONG!!! honestly, they’re such amazing singers. the end always moves me to tears! -Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’ ~~LOOOL AT HEECHUL FOR BONAMANA XD as my sister put it: … Continue reading

[100509] SBS Inkigayo: f(x) + Seo In Kook+ Gummy’s Comebacks + J.Rich’s Debut

Quick recap. Didn’t have time to watch all the perfs. f(x)’s Comeback Stage with ‘NU ABO’ -Gummy’s Comeback with ‘There is No Love’ + ‘As a Man’ -Hyori Lee with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ + #1 ~~gratz to her -Seo In Kook’s Comeback with ‘Loving U’ ~~getting sorta hooked on this song -J.Rich’s Debut with  … Continue reading