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Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to New Songs in SeeYa’s See You Again Special Album + ‘So Nice to Meet You’ MV

Ugh. I’m going to miss SeeYa so much. I can’t believe they’re disbanding T.T There goes one of my fave power vocal groups. They’re so good. It was really good of Nam Gyuri to come back for two last new songs. Their special compilation album See You Again was released today and their MV for … Continue reading

[100613] SBS Inkigayo: After School & f(x) Special Stage + SS501 & Koyote Comeback + Infinite & Sistar Debut

Inkigayo is finally back after an absence for 2 weeks… After School & f(x) Special Stage with ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne ~~seems like it’s supposed to be cheering on South Korea for the World Cup looking at the screen…how this has anything to do with the WC beats me XD -SS501’s Comeback with ‘Love Ya’ … Continue reading

[100610] Mnet M! Countdown: Infinite + Suki + X-Cross Debuts + Koyote Comeback + Wonder Girls Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut Stage with ‘Intro’ + ‘Come Back Again’ ~~they are very strong for a debuting group. loving them! -Suki’s Debut with ‘One Love’ ~~very good song, imo. she did well -X-Cross’ Debut with ‘My Luv’ ~~i think they’re going to be totally overshadowed by Infinite…Infinite’s been getting quite a lot of publicity compared to … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Seeya + Davichi + Black Pearl – Blue Moon

Most of you kpop followers should know SeeYa and Davichi, but have you ever heard of Black Pearl? They’re less known but they’re under the same company as them. The three groups came together two years ago in May 2008 to sing a track called ‘Blue Moon’ for a single called Color Pink. A series … Continue reading

[100527] Mnet M!Countdown: T-ara & Seeya Special Stage + 2PM’s Goodbye

Hyomin & Soyeon (T-ara) + Boram (Seeya) with ‘Coffee Over Milk’ ~~the song’s from the kdrama Coffee House OST. it’s a cute cheerful song and they look rly pretty in their white dresses ^^ -Wonder Girls with ‘2 Different Tears’ + #1 ~~grats to the girls. their first win with new member and their win … Continue reading

Review of Personal Taste + Lyrics of Personal Taste OST

=D I dunno about you guys, but I’m watching the drama Personal Taste and TOTALLY loving it. It stars none other than Lee Minho (his first drama since BoF) and Son Ye Jin (first drama in quite a while). It’s also 2AM’s Seulong’s first drama! It was a pleasant surprise to see him because I … Continue reading

[100207] SBS Inkigayo

2AM with ‘Even if I Die, I Can’t Let You Go’ + #1!! ~~OMG HELL YES #1!!! 2AM FTW =DDDDD it’s their first #1 on a music show since their debut…WAAAAH CONGRATS x100000000000000000 WAAAH LOOK AT THEM ALL CRYING AWWWWWW ~~hahaha look at Taec and Wooyoung! they’re rly happy too ^^ one day boys <3 … Continue reading

[100206] MBC Music Core

Sry guys. Was out all day @ dance practice. So it’s a bit late. But still, better late than never? U-Kiss’ Comeback with ‘Round and Round’ ~~’bingeul bingeul bingeul biiingeul~’ -Untouchable’s Comeback Stage ft. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) with ‘Living in the Heart’ -Min Kyung hoon’s Comeback Stage with ‘It is Love Since There is … Continue reading

[100131] SBS Inkigayo: Olympic Special

Today’s SBS Inkigayo was the Olympic Special for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The MCs for the show are none other than Eeteuk, Heechul and Shindong of Super Junior. Teuk-igayo/Teuk-academy also did a special intro. Other performances include: -SNSD’s Comeback Stage with ‘Show! Show! Show!’ + ‘Oh!’ ~~O.O that fangirl’s screams… -Kim Jong Kook’s Comeback … Continue reading

[100130] MBC Music Core

SNSD’s Comeback Stage with ‘Show! Show! Show! ‘ + ‘Oh!’ ~~I’m starting to like ‘Show! Show! Show!’ more now…their hair was hideous though o.o ~~listen to the testosterone filled screams XD ~~ya the broadcast blanked out for like 5 secs cuz of some technical errors…which is why the vid turns black lol Under the cut: … Continue reading