SHINee Roseday Event

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SHINee’s Rose Day Event

WordPress is still being a pain in the butt, I was only able to upload 3 of the pics from the SHINee Rose Day event until it decided it hated me and wouldn’t upload anything else -.- Either way, here are 3 of the pics. The pics I have are up! And the official Rose … Continue reading

SHINee Releases a 40 Second MV Teaser to ‘Romeo’

SHINee released a 40 second MV teaser…kekekeee they look so FINE. Minho usually doesn’t look that good looking to me, but he totally made me go *gasp*. As did Taemin, of course. The girl playing ‘Juliet’ is Krystal Jung, the sister of Jessica from SNSD. I’m jealous -.- Anyway, the MV seems to really have … Continue reading