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TVXQ Trio JaeChunSu to Form New Unit + China Court: “TVXQ Has Nothing To Do With The Cosmetics Company Promotion”

Read first piece of news yesterday but had no time to post (was studying for today’s exam XD) about JaeChunSu creating a new unit (i dunno whether to cry or be excited) and China’s court decision regarding the whole cosmetics lawsuit w/ DBSK. Regarding the first piece of news…I sort of…can’t believe it. Like…uh..what? I … Continue reading

Reports of DBSK Officially Disbanding Denied By SM & JaeChunSu

Yesterday (31st) the Japanese press posted up some news regarding DBSK. What news? That they officially disbanded. I can tell you I was TOTALLY freaking out, but I knew it couldn’t be true unless SME, Avex, or the boys announced it themselves. Sure enough, JaeChunSu and SM responded, saying they were ‘groundless rumours’ and that … Continue reading

Hankyung (Super Junior) Files for Contract Termination with SME

=O Hankyung (Super Junior) filed for contract termination w/ SM Entertainment…so it’s like what JaeChunSu from DBSK did. Hm I wonder why? Profits? They’ve mentioned they don’t make much money since well, it gets split among 13 members! I read on Baidu, in an interview with Hankyung’s lawyer, that it’s very similar to JaeChunSu’s case; … Continue reading

New Contracts for SM Artists?

I saw this on ONETVXQ forums and thought I’d share my thoughts about this…it seems the SME has acknowledged the fact their contracts do have problems, and they want to re-contract all its artists based on an exclusive contract based on the law. Allkpop posted this up, and basically almost every comment was completely mindless; … Continue reading

Jaejoong + Junsu + Yoochun Deny Having Interview Regarding SM Case

It’s been confirmed by Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun that they NEVER had an interview with Sports Seoul (HERE). Ridiculous. The things reporters and news sites will do to recieve attention…disgusts me. Can’t even trust the media. Can’t even read news about DBSK without wondering if it’s true anymore <.< credit:http://www.cbs.co.kr/nocut/Show.asp?IDX=1304613 + DNBN + WintedChunsa @ … Continue reading

Full Interview to Jaejoong + Junsu + Yoochun’s Reponse to SME Press Conference

EDIT: JAECHUNSU HAVE DENIED EVER HAVING AN INTERVIEW WITH SPORTSEOUL! GO HERE TO READ The full interview of the responses Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun has been revealed. It seems despite all of this, they want to keep DBSK as one, and they refuse to break apart. It’s good that the 3 acknowledge the fact they … Continue reading

SME’s Press Conference + Yunho & Changmin Supports SME??? + Reponse to SME Press Conference

OMG MY HEAD’S SPINNING FROM ALL THIS NEWS AT ONCE -.- I don’t know who to believe anymore. SME’s saying Jaejoon, Yoochun, and Junsu are causing all the problems, and then you have Yunho and Changmin saying along the lines that they support SME, as do their fathers. AND THEN the 3 in the lawsuit … Continue reading


Okay, i’m already pissed off, and now the piece of crap news appears. I was BOILING when I read this. OMFG GAAAH! wtf! if they adjusted the contract properly, then it shouldn’t be 13 yrs which is against the freaking law!!!! they adjusted the contract, yes, BUT IN THEIR OWN FCKIN ADVANTAGE!!! I’M BOILING RIGHT … Continue reading

DBSK’s Income Distribution Contract w/ SME

Some info regarding the contract between SME and DBSK have been concluded…I had no idea the boys wouldn’t recieve any profits from concert DVDs and live albums..now I don’t feel bad at all for downloading the Tokyo Dome DVD XD And I thought SME said that they paid for all of DBSK’s expenses? It says … Continue reading

Court Comes out with Ruling Regarding DBSK Case

The court has come out with a ruling for the DBSK case. Please note this is NOT a final decision. For those that don’t understand…it basically means that SME cannot stick their hands into DBSK’s independent activities nor their group activities. So they have the right to reject schedules or performances. So SME doesn’t have … Continue reading