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May Music Wrap Up and Favourites: EXO’s Luhan, David Choi, Geeks, Juniel, Monni, Jason Mraz and more.

It is June now; time flies. Can’t believe it’s been a month since I finished my second year of university already. Here’s a wrap up of all my musical favourites and opinions on the past month =) EXO…Luhan I’m like a freaking crazy person right now. I swear, even with the twenty billion or so … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to SS501’s ‘U R Man’ + ‘A Song Calling For You’

Requested by Apo, lyrics to SS501’s ‘U R Man’ and ‘A Song Calling For You’ U R MAN credit: hangeul: jpopasia romanization: credits to: akicute@videouncovered translation: ss501vietnam A Song Calling For You credit: jpopasia

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Jungmin (SS501) Not Alone Mini-Album

Seungri is not the only group member releasing a solo mini-album this week; Jungmin of SS501 also released a solo mini-album (well…more like a single, since 3 of the 6 tracks are instrumental XD). His title track ‘Not Alone’ is also the name of his release, and this is a really good track! I’m a … Continue reading

2nd Teaser for Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss Released

Another teaser to Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss has been revealed! Kim Hyun Joong’s acting seems much better here than the last clip so I’m really hoping he’ll be good!!! The show premieres on the 1st of September. That’s a week away! See the last teaser HERE.

Previews to Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss Starring Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) + Jung So Min

As I’ve posted previously HERE, the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss is being remade into a Korean version, Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss. The drama will be premiering on the 1st of September as a Wednesday-Thursday show (RIGHT when I start school…LOVELY LOLZ IM SO GONNA BE CONCENTRATED ON SCHOOL). The drama stars Kim Hyun … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Kim Hyun Joong’s (SS501) ‘Please Be Good to Me’

Lyrics to Kim Hyun Joong’s (SS501) ‘Please Be Good to Me’! Requested by Moolatte. note: I’ve noticed some difference in lyrics on differents sites (SS501 fansites, MelOn, etc.). I know translations are usually not the exact same (for obvious reasons) but there seems to be some variations among the hangeul lyrics as well. Thus, I … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Young Saeng’s (SS501) ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’ by Young Saeng of SS501 for the kdrama Will it Snow for Christmas?. Requested by Frida. Enjoy [100822] ADDED trans, requested by Ruiyanlovedkm credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes trans: SS501UFO.blogspot.com TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[100618] KBS Music Bank: D-NA’s Comeback + Orange Caramel (After School Sub-Unit) Debut

D-NA’s (Dae Guk Nam Ah) Comeback Stage with ‘Stumble Stumble’ ~~i’m HOOKED on this song right now lolz and them too haha =D i’m totally loving them ~~vocally they sounded pretty good (i found a MR removed audio vid of the perf on yt and they sounded good), but you could tell they were nervous. … Continue reading

[100613] SBS Inkigayo: After School & f(x) Special Stage + SS501 & Koyote Comeback + Infinite & Sistar Debut

Inkigayo is finally back after an absence for 2 weeks… After School & f(x) Special Stage with ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne ~~seems like it’s supposed to be cheering on South Korea for the World Cup looking at the screen…how this has anything to do with the WC beats me XD -SS501’s Comeback with ‘Love Ya’ … Continue reading

[100611] KBS Music Bank: Infinite Debut + Koyote Comeback + Secret’s Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut with ‘Come Back Again’ -Koyote’s Comeback with ‘Return’ -SS501 with ‘Love Ya’ + #1 ~~woot grats! aww look at them -Secret’s Goodbye with ‘Magic’ ~~oh god about time…i was getting sick of them -C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ -Hwayobi with ‘Bye Bye Bye’ -Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’ ~~Kyuhyun should be back next week -MBLAQ … Continue reading