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Romaji Lyrics to SNSD’s (Shoujo Jidai) ‘Genie (Japanese Ver.)’

Well with my awesome investigation skills  ( lol I kid, I kid…), I found Japanese lyrics to SNSD’s ‘Genie (Japanese ver)’. Took me quite a while to deal with these lyrics. For one I had to search in Chinese. Then, all the lyrics were on a youtube video…thus I had to type everything down on … Continue reading

SNSD Reveal ‘Genie (Japanese version)’ MV

SNSD (known as Shoujo Jidai in Japan) revealed the MV for their Japanese debut track today! I think the beginning fits the ‘Genie’ theme more than their Korean MV. [edit] 100826: Looking for the lyrics? Romaji lyrics HERE

MBC Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Phew, ANOTHER Gayo Daejeon to recap! MBC Gayo Daejeon took place on the 31st, and no doubt it had some great perfs. MCs: Kim Gura, Shin Jung Hwan, Park Myung Soo, and Lee Bo Young Beginning + Nichkhun (2PM) + Lee Bo Young with ‘Way Back into Love’ ~~ahh i love this song ^^ Closing

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Ok, so i just got home and now im watching the perfs. SO, here they are! Just to let you guys know, Baek Ji Young cancelled her acts because she collapsed before. A shame for her fans (like me) but hope she gets well soon! Opening MCs are Heechul (Super Junior), Park Shin Hye, and … Continue reading

MelOn Music Awards 2009 Performances

Sorry for the late post but I was out all day. Anyway, better late than never! Here are the awesome performances! I haven’t watched any of these yet; I’m posting them first, but no doubt they’ll all be great ^^ DG Band (Digital Generation Band) composed of Nichkhun (2PM), Jungmo (TRAX), Sungmin (Super Junior), Eunhyuk … Continue reading

[091205] MBC Music Core Jeju Island Special

MBC Music Core this time was a Jeju Island 2010 Worldcup Special and it took place outdoors. For ppl who aren’t soccer/football fans, the lists were announced yesterday (know this through friends who love soccer XD). So ya this is like to cheer Team Korea on I guess. However…the cameraman did a teeeerrible job filming … Continue reading

[091130] MBC New Life for Children (w/ SNSD + SHINee + SS501 + 2PM)

MBC New Life for Children concert had some idol stars performing. It’s for a good cause after all, and also gives us entertainment! Anyway, here are the perfs and special clips. SNSD with ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) + Interview + Special Clip (selling coffee and raising money) Under the cut: -SHINee with ‘Ring Ding … Continue reading

[091128] Key (SHINee) Imitations + Dances @ Idol Maknae Rebellion

More proof that Key should be a girl loves girl dances =PPP SHINee on Idol Maknae Rebellion! The vid I wanna emphasize on is of him dancing to Lachata by f(x), Sign by Brown Eyed Girls, Gee and Genie by SNSD XDDD And of course, to show a more masculine side to him, he dances … Continue reading

[091119] SNSD Performances @ Women’s Volley Ball League Opening Celebration

SNSD were performing for the Women’s Volley Ball League Opening Celebration on the 19th of Nov. They performed 3 songs, and member Yoona opened the game with the first serve. Their outfits are cute. Yoona looked adorable after serving haha! She was like ‘oooh!’ Gee Chocolate Love Tell Me Your Wish and Yoona’s serve under … Continue reading

[091011] Dream Concert Broadcast + Fancams

SBS broadcasted the Dream Concert on the 11th, which was also why there was no Inkigayo. Here are perfs…unfortunately for 2PM and Big Bang fans, the Dream Concert actually requested for them not to be aired. So you won’t see any broadcasted perfs from them. MCs: Heechul (Super Junior) + MC Mong + Seo Ji … Continue reading