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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 Performances

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 just ended and woot I was pretty hyped to watch this, since I personally like SBS’s the best (based on experience from the past 2 yrs). I imagine these performance vids will be removed so I apologize if you try to watch these too late and they’re already gone XD CodeAnalysisSeasons2 … Continue reading

[100613] SBS Inkigayo: After School & f(x) Special Stage + SS501 & Koyote Comeback + Infinite & Sistar Debut

Inkigayo is finally back after an absence for 2 weeks… After School & f(x) Special Stage with ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne ~~seems like it’s supposed to be cheering on South Korea for the World Cup looking at the screen…how this has anything to do with the WC beats me XD -SS501’s Comeback with ‘Love Ya’ … Continue reading

[100610] Mnet M! Countdown: Infinite + Suki + X-Cross Debuts + Koyote Comeback + Wonder Girls Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut Stage with ‘Intro’ + ‘Come Back Again’ ~~they are very strong for a debuting group. loving them! -Suki’s Debut with ‘One Love’ ~~very good song, imo. she did well -X-Cross’ Debut with ‘My Luv’ ~~i think they’re going to be totally overshadowed by Infinite…Infinite’s been getting quite a lot of publicity compared to … Continue reading

Dream Concert 2010: Hyori Lee + 2PM + Wonder Girls + SNSD + Super Junior etc.

SBS broadcasted the Dream Concert instead of Inkigayo, so here are the perfs. I have yet to watch ANY of these, so ya, no comment. And SBS didn’t air all the perfs btw, so don’t be surprised if you saw fancams of some perfs that weren’t aired. This includes both SS501 and Rain’s performances. Opening … Continue reading

[100527] Mnet M!Countdown: T-ara & Seeya Special Stage + 2PM’s Goodbye

Hyomin & Soyeon (T-ara) + Boram (Seeya) with ‘Coffee Over Milk’ ~~the song’s from the kdrama Coffee House OST. it’s a cute cheerful song and they look rly pretty in their white dresses ^^ -Wonder Girls with ‘2 Different Tears’ + #1 ~~grats to the girls. their first win with new member and their win … Continue reading

[100511] MV Wrapup w/ 8eight + Lee Jung Hyun etc.

A few MVs that got released in the past few days.. 8eight’s ‘The End is Coming’ MV starring Nichkhun (2PM) + MV Making ~~omg…such a sad MV…i totally teared up ~~i am SO glad 8eight has gone back to their old ballad style, because that’s what they rocked at Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Suspicious Man’ MV … Continue reading

Davichi’s ‘Time Please Stop’ MV ft. Eunjung (T-ara) Revealed!

Davichi’s ‘Time Please Stop’ MV starring Eunjung (T-ara) has been revealed. This is such an AWESOME MV and I looove the song. It’s a modern version of Snow White and I really like it. It’s very original!

[100508] MBC Music Core: Gummy + f(x)’s Comebacks + SNSD’s Goodbye

Gummy’s Comeback Stage with ‘There is No Love’ + ‘Because of You’ + ‘As a Man’ ~~WOOT! i LOVE ‘Because of You’!!! it’s like my fave song on her album ^^ didn’t think she’d perform it (even though it was a very short perf) ~~powerful vocals and all, but a slight lack of emotion? ah … Continue reading

[100507] KBS Music Bank: f(x) + e.via + Seo In Kook’s Comebacks + 2PM’s #1

f(x)’s Comeback Stage with ‘NU ABO’ ~~hmm…ok stage. Luna sounded good during her little power solo. i dunno, I found it wasn’t really good but not really bad either. it was a decent comeback stage. ~~crowd was FREAKING LOUD -e.via’s Comeback with ‘Shake!’ ~~hm the backtrack was distracting when she was rapping the super fast … Continue reading

[100503] Vid Releases w/ 2PM + KARA + T-ara + F.Cuz + U-KISS

2PM with Coca Cola World Cup Promo Vid ~~cute ^^ KARA with ‘We’re With You’ MV ~~it’s ok I guess. not really digging the song. T-ara, F.Cuz and U-KISS under the cut…