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Angry Hottests are Taking Action

There is some intense action going on over Jaebum’s leaving of 2PM. Hottests are angry, and they’re protesting! A boycott’s gonna take place on the 10th, while a protest is going to take place on the 12th. They’re angry that JYPE did nothing to stop Jaebum from leaving the group and the country.
Well yes, we want Jaebum to come back but…shouldn’t they respect Jaebum’s decision? It’s not use FORCING him to come back. Jaebum will be back when he’s ready. And how would the Hottests know whether JYPE really didn’t try to persuade him to stay? Perhaps they did, but respected Jaebum’s decision to leave. And boycotting from buying tickets to the Dream concert and 2PM albums? What on earth? That pulls all the other 2PM members into the water. As if they’re not upset enough.

Credit: KBites

Angry 2PM fans boycott JYP Entertainment

The aftermath of group 2PM member JaeBum’s leaving of the group, after criticisms of his offending messages posted up on his MySpace page before debut, keeps growing.

For one, a 2PM fansite Underground has issued a boycott against JYP Entertainment on 10th September at 9am.

UnderGround members are very unhappy with the fact that JYP is doing nothing when their singer JaeBum, leader of 2PM, leaves the group and even went as far as going out of the country.

With that UnderGround has come up with a boycott against the ticket sales to the ‘2009 Dream Concert’ which will take place next month.

They also talked about their stand regarding other 2PM’s albums and merchandizes. They will start boycotting purchase of albums released by 2PM.

UnderGround also stated that they will not support and boycott any event or advertisement, product endorsement by 2PM without JaeBum back in the group.

They have stated that they will continue with this status until 2PM is a whole group again. And they also stated that what they are doing is for the sake of the group.

Plans for 2PM’s largest fanclub to protest in front of JYP building on 12th

2PM’s largest fanclub is planning for a silent protest in front of JYP building coming 12th September.

Written on 2PM’s official fanclub ‘Hot Star’ site on 10th September, there are discussions for fanclub members to do the silent protest in front of JYP’s building on 12th September.

This fanclub is the largest 2PM fanclub in Korea with over 200,000 members and they will head down directly to JYP’s building for the protest.

They will start the protest from 2pm. They will protest in silent in their large numbers. They recognize that there may be some inconveniences cause to the residents living in the area but stated they will carry out the protest seriously.

A netizen said, “What is important is to do it for JaeBum’s good image. We have to find a way for him to come back while always supporting him.”

But another netizens also said, “This is doing harm to JaeBum, you guys should not go. If it doesn’t go well, it will just make more ugly talk about the issue.”

The members will also be holding placards saying, “Find JaeBum” in unified colours that day.

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