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SHINee’s ‘Juliette’ is a Remake of Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’?

SHINee’s new song Romeo seems to be a remake of actor/singer Corbin Bleu’s song ‘Deal with It’. If you listen to the chorus of both, you’ll notice it sounds exactly the same, except instead of SHINee singing ‘deal with it’, they sing ‘juliet’. We’ll have to hear the entire song to tell if it really is a remake, but the chorus sounds the same so far.

The original song sounds ok I think…I personally don’t like Corbin Bleu much, but this doesn’t mean it’s right to go on the youtube vid of the song and go trash him! A lot of SHINee fans + netizens have been saying the song sucks, ‘SHINee’s better than this guy’ and no wonder SHINee’s remaking it. Seriously, get a life. Move on, it doesn’t matter if it’s a remake. The only important thing is to see how SHINee’s remaking it. Stop dissing other people. Do you guys like get pleasure from insulting other people? *rolls eyes* Stomping on Corbin Bleu and his song does nothing for SHINee, it just gives SHINee fans a bad name.

This is the tracklist for the mini-album:
1. 타이틀: 강한남성이미지
2. 애절한발라드1곡 (Ballad)
3. 쫑생파에서 살짝언급한노래 (댄스계열 추측)
4. 켄지님의 상큼한 곡
5. 사.계.한 2 (Love Should Go On Part 2/Version 2)

Preview of Romeo from their Rose Day event (ROFL i wrote Juliet by accident cuz they keep singing Juliet in the song XD)

Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal with It’


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22 thoughts on “SHINee’s ‘Juliette’ is a Remake of Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’?

  1. HA! In my opinion, Corbin is a MUCH better singer, and FYI, the song Deal With It was originally sang by Jay Sean so if they should stomp on anyone, it should be him…

    Posted by Maymay | 090517, 10:07 AM
    • I dont think it should matter to anyone. Its not like the groups stole the song or snything. Jay Sean sold it to them and they just remade it. I like the Shinee version best (just cause I’m a huge Kpop fan and the mv is better) but it’s cool to hear the different interpretations of the song.

      Posted by bnbnbnbnbnb | 110622, 12:55 AM
    • I totally agree! Corbin’s a MUCH better singer!

      Posted by Mr. Four | 120101, 8:35 AM
    • hey u should not say that both the artists have done a great job with the song just like it says in the article stomping on some1 only gives the other person a bad name!

      Posted by raven | 120716, 6:11 AM
  2. …have you heard SHINee sing o.o? or either one sing live?

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090517, 2:07 PM
  3. OMG is dat corbin guy the HSM guy??O_O
    nywyz lolz

    Posted by bok-choi | 090517, 10:01 PM
  4. lol YES he is, he was in HSM

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090517, 11:35 PM
  5. I really don’t like Corbin Bleu at ALL! In my opinion I like SHINee Better anyways.

    Posted by crix | 090524, 8:55 PM
  6. Still questioning SHINee songs Oh My Gosh!!!
    Instead hating SHINee with their songs that you were saying they copy why you just go to SM apply to become SHINee official composer and song writer make them a really nice song and stop saying THEY COPY!!! SHINee don’t have any composer and SM buy the song to the composer they didn’t copy or stole any songs!!! You makes me high blood!

    Posted by SHINee319 | 090830, 11:44 PM
    • …erm…maybe you didn’t read the article properly. Not once did I say SHINee copied or stole songs…I said REMAKE, which does NOT mean copy or steal. And I’m not STILL questioning SHINee. I never questioned them…nor am I STILL doing something,because you should realize I posted this on MAY 16TH, and last time I checked, today is August 31st…

      Posted by moonlightunes | 090831, 9:20 PM
      • Yeah they didn’t steal any of their songs. All the songs were sold to each group to do whatever with.
        Both Corbin and Shinee bought the song (in this case) from its original owner. Lots of songs are (not just shinee’s) are bought from other original songs. (not that shinee doesnt have their own original songs)

        Posted by bnbnbnbnbnb | 110622, 12:58 AM
  7. SHINee’s is cooler. CORBIN BLEU SUCKS like hell.

    Posted by setah and co. | 090901, 8:52 PM
  8. i SO LOVE SHINee’s version so much. and corbin bleu looks retarted and SHINee looks so much sexier. jay sean originally composed the song and then gave it off to corbin, and jay sean’s is better. BUT SHINee’S VERSION WINS ALL THE TIME THEY ROCK!!! SHINee HWAITING!!!!

    Posted by woohoo | 091119, 8:21 PM
  9. SM bought the rights to the song… I guess it’s kind of okay, but I guess since SM’s such a big company, it should just make original soundtracks.
    This kind of stuff makes them look bad.

    Posted by Hero. | 091205, 6:43 PM
    • ya i know…a lot of SHINee’s song were remakes. well at least (i think) the tracks on Year of Us 2009 are original

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091206, 10:45 AM
    • yeah, even corbin had to buy this song from someone else, not just shinee. but almost all groups/singers have taken songs from others and made it their own so this doesnt make them look bad.

      Posted by bnbnbnbnbnb | 110622, 1:01 AM
  10. Corbin Bleu? Beat SHINee? Are you kidding me? Corbin Bleu’s song is….. uh.
    SHINee’s is so much better with different ranges of voice & pitch. (Corbin’s only got up a scale)

    Posted by what the hell | 100101, 3:27 AM
  11. shinee is better by a milestone no question and no body stole anything all the rights had been bought and it wasn’t even Corbin bleu who originally had it

    Posted by SHINEE!!! | 120515, 11:21 PM
  12. well who gives cuz corbin and shinee are both cool. SHINee’s ver was slightly better, mainly because corbin sings falsetto and it sounds kind of soft, and SHINee used powerful vocals, complimenting the style of the song a bit more.

    Posted by hmmm | 120517, 8:35 PM
  13. I think it’s all a matter of opinion. I can honestly say that both verions were awesome. In my personal opinion, though, SHINee’s was a bit better, because their vocals fit the song better. I’m not dissing on Corbin. He’s cool and all, but SHINee was able to take the song to a whole new level. I don’t see why we have to fight over it, though. It’s just a song, and it shouldn’t make us hate each other nor the other artist.

    Posted by Kiseki | 130226, 5:09 PM

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