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[091218] Vid Releases (w/ SHINee + BEAST + Go Yoo Jin + Hwayobi + SG Wannabe + V.O.S.)

SHINee at Everysing Myeongdong Branch Opening @ SSTV + fancam
~~Everysing is a noraebang just so you guys know…which is like karaoke. in Korea, there’s noraebangs, where it’s cheap, and karaoke, where the decor is rly nice and there’s food, and therefore $$ XD
~~LOOOL KEY WHAT A DORK HAHAHA!!! he signed the table instead of on the white frame HAHAA look at Key’s face

AND…their Chicken CF photoshoot @ YTN news
~~WAAAH so freaking adorable!! *squeals* when they’re dressed in hanbok, and when they have santa hats they looks so cuuuute!

under the cut:
BEAST, Go Yoo Jin + Hwayobi, and SG Wannabe + V.O.S.

MV Preview to ‘Crazy’ by BEAST for Attack the Gas Station 2 OST
~~i believe it’s a movie…looks like it
~~they talk a bit first and then afterward it’s basically clips of them fooling around + singing, and clips from the movie (?)

Go Yoo Jin & Hwayobi with ‘Ghost’ MV
~~the song is really nice
~~you don’t rly get the MV until the end. the end is sorta ‘oh!’

SG Wannabe & V.O.S. with ‘I Love You’ MV
~~the song’s really cheerful, and happy, plus the MV’s cute
~~anyway you can’t expect anything less from these 2 groups. they have awesome vocals


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