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SNSD Reveals ‘Oh!’ in Full

The full track for SNSD’s comeback song ‘Oh!’ has been revealed! Though it is low quality, it’s still the full track. The HQ version is out! It came out at 10 AM KST.

The MV will be out on the 27th. The girls will also have their comeback stage on the 30th on MBC Music Core.

I have to state my personal opinion…I may get bashed but whatever, it’s my blog, I have the right to state my own thoughts. You can counter my opinions, but please respect me and other arguements? Don’t swear and insult people. That just makes you immature. Ok, here I go:

The song is a disappointment for me. ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’ were much better. This song makes me feel that they’re trying to do a second ‘Gee’ but failed. It’s such a childish song. It’s reminiscent of background music that would play during a really girly anime show for little kids. The thing that bugs me the most is that even though the song sucks, it’ll still get #1 and beat 2AM and C.N. Blue off#1 on the charts because it’s SNSD. IMO, 2AM and C.N. Blue > SNSD. SNSD is not talentless, (even though I admit I think some of the members don’t have as much as others…much less in fact) and I wish that they’d come out with something that would show off their vocals more. Especially for Taeyeon and Tiffany, who are IMO, the best singers in the group. Either way though, even if international fans and kpop listeners find it a disappointment, seems like Koreans are just eating it up. Ugh. The kpop music industry is going downhill.


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2 thoughts on “SNSD Reveals ‘Oh!’ in Full

  1. HQ is out :)

    Posted by Kenza | 100124, 9:04 PM
  2. wow.. its good stuff, thanks for your sharing

    Posted by romee | 100125, 9:12 AM

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